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Concerned about the climate?

You're not alone!

Most of us care, but it can be hard to know what to do about climate change.

So Eco Together brings together small groups of friends, neighbours or colleagues to find their own best way to make a difference. People from any background, eco-knowledge or worldview can take part. Activities can also tackle the cost of living crisis. It's simple:

The group does five clear, structured sessions, perfect for busy people


Choose the activities that suit you best, using well- researched materials


Tackle energy, food, transport and resources

Explore and try out our powers to create change.  

Save money to help with the cost of living crisis

Get a certificate when you complete the project

Enjoy the support from like-minded people  

Group members run the sessions themselves and there are no costs involved

The short video below (15m) gives an overview of the project. 

You can either join a group as a participant, or start your own group as a 'first host'.


Join a group of like-minded people in your area


Bring together a group of friends or neighbours to do the 5 sessions

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