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Are you concerned about the climate?

You're not alone!

Over 85% of people care about the climate, but it can be hard to know what to do.

Fortunately, we all have the power to create change.


Eco Together brings together small groups of friends, neighbours or colleagues for five structured sessions, themed on energy, food transport and resource use. 


Groups use a simple, well-researched information pack to choose activities from the list we provide, or choose their own. Group members share support and knowledge, which is just as valuable as the materials we provide. Group members run the sessions themselves and there are no costs involved.


You can try activities that use four powers we all have to create change . 'Lifestyle Power' is changes in what you do or buy, 'Community Power' is influencing through your networks, 'Advocacy Power' is influencing decision makers and 'Communication Power' is simply  talking to others about what you are doing.


Using these powers, you choose actions that make a difference in the way that suits you best. Each group member will be different. Actions need not require money, expertise or much time.


Eco Together has been run successfully by neighbours, friends, strangers, staff groups at organisations, faith groups, community groups and as a short course. Get in touch to discuss how it could work for you!

The short video below (15m) gives an overview of the project. 

You can either join a group as a participant, or start your own group as a 'first host'.

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