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Helpful links to support the Eco Together programme.

Resources for your powers are interwoven in the other sections but here are a few extra resources to help boost your knowledge and action, and to support your continued learning about climate change, biodiversity loss and associated issues, concerns and actions. Most information is relevant UK-wide, there are a few local pointers for Bath residents (⌂)


  • "The Breakdown". It is a series available on Water Bear who describe themselves as "the first free video on demand platform dedicated to the future of our planet". There are many other inspiring environmental films to watch here too.

  • The BBC’s Rethink podcast has a five part series Rethink Climate, in particular episode 2 (Behaviour and Communication) reflects on how individuals might act and explores engagement similar to the Eco Together intention.


  • Jason Hickel (2020) "Less is more: how degrowth will save the world" (also read his essays).

  • Rob Hopkins (2021) "From what is to what if: unleashing the power of imagination to create the future we want" (see links for more on the book and accompanying podcast "From what if to what next" that explores what if ideas/questions with guests).

  • Tim Jackson (2021) "Post growth. Life after capitalism" (and more on his work).

  • Bea Johnson (2016) "Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life".

Information, Engagement and Advocates for Change

  • Read about climate issues and biodiversity loss, and learn how to take action with advocacy campaigns from Friends of the Earth, Client Earth, the Soil Association and Greenpeace.

  • Join local groups from conservation charities such as RSPB (⌂ Bath group available) or one of the Wildlife Trusts (⌂ Avon Wildlife Trust is closest to Bath) to take local action for wildlife, engage in citizen projects and more. 

  • Make The Commitment sign up to commit to only vote for politicians who work for urgent action on climate change and biodiversity loss.

  • At Write to Them you can enter your postcode and write directly from the website to your local councillors, local MP or find someone in the House of Lords to whom your topic is relevant. 

  • Pick up some ideas for climate action from Possible, from unravelling the knowledge to support individual action to understanding the bigger picture.

  • What system changes are required and on what topics might you consider advocating for change? Check out this report from The Behavioural Insights Team that highlights recommendations for business, legislative and government change.

  • ⌂ See this list of local organisations, in and around Bath, engaging in issues related to climate change and biodiversity loss.

Other Actions and Support

  • Use Ecosia to carry out your Internet searches and plant trees.

  • Sign the Sustainable Web Manifesto to pledge your commitment to the principles necessary to reducing Internet use based pollution and which you could highlight to your employer.

  • Join the Zero Hour campaign to support the Climate and Ecology Bill that calls for reversing the destruction of nature by 2030.

  • Make My Money Matter helps you to understand and redefine your relationship with your bank, pensions and investments to ensure you are supporting what matters to you (particularly avoiding accidentally funding oil & gas, arms, tobacco, etc.)

  • Look at Switch It to see to what extent your bank, energy provider and pension are funding the climate crisis and commit to switching. 

  • Use Bank Green to find out if your bank is enabling fossil fuel industries, read about sustainable banks and pledge not to fund fossil fuels. 

  • Research your ethical and sustainable banking and investment options with Good with Money.

  • Show your support for recognition of climate and ecological crises and health emergencies and engage with your local healthcare providers through Health Declares.

  • If you are finding climate change conversations with others difficult, check out this guide from Client Earth.

  • Per Epsen Stoknes can help you deal with the five main barriers to climate action that exist in our heads - or perhaps in other people's heads. Work out how to have that convincing conversation with yourself or others and be an inspiration to take action.

  • If you are feeling anxious about climate change, check out this climate anxiety discussion guide by Force of Nature; it is a discussion framework aimed at young people with facilitation by educators, parents, legal guardians and community leaders, but has interesting information for everyone.

  • To understand how to manage your resilience and wellbeing, take some tips from the College of Wellbeing.

  • Looking for more climate positive actions and ideas, check out the list compiled by 52 climate actions.  

  • Calculate your carbon footprint and see what impact you can make using the Giki calculator.

  • Giki is not just about individual lifestyle action; the website also has tools for engagement in your workplace - it could be a good conversation starter about setting and achieving sustainability goals within your work community.

  • Check out Climania, the free to play climate action board game developed by thirteen young people aged 14 to 18 years.

  • Say thank you! If an organisation is taking positive climate action, recognise them. 

  • ⌂ Encourage the positive climate actions of BANES council - give a compliment here.

News, Analysis and Data

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