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Helpful links to support the Eco Together programme.


○ = nationally (UK) relevant resource or information

= national (UK) resource with representation locally, or search feature providing local information

⌂ = local resource for Bath

Grow Your Own Food

⌂ Apply for an allotment through BANES Council

⌂ Take up a private allotment from Roots

⌂ Join Dry Arch Growers a volunteer run co-operative and community allotment in Bathampton

○ Tips on money saving crops and how to grow vegetables from Grow Veg

Subscribe to a Veg/Fruit Box Scheme

Larkhall Farm Shop (01225 319968) offering veg box subscription and one-off box deliveries (also visit their shop on St. Saviours Road, Larkhall, Bath BA1 6SD); self-grown produce from Bath

Chelsea Road Greengrocers (07903 189495) offering veg box subscription and one-off box deliveries (also visit their shop at 8c Chelsea Road, Bath BA1 3DU); produce sourced locally supporting local farmers and businesses. 

Middle Ground Growers (07708 006001) offering veg box subscription by season, delivered by e-bike from Bathampton (check website for the areas covered), distributing self-grown produce 

Southside Food Co-op (01225 442813) offering veg boxes for people based in the south and west of Bath, boxes priced according to income, produce locally grown

The Community Farm in Chew Valley offers a veg box subscription and one-off box deliveries. They are also a not-for-profit with wellbeing courses, social events and volunteering on land overlooking Chew Valley Lake.

Riverford offering seasonal organic veg and fruit grown in UK and Europe and delivered as veg boxes; a BCorp company

Buy Fresh Produce Directly From Farmers and Farm Shops

Bath Farmers Market every Saturday 9:00AM to 1.30PM at Green Park Station for fruit, vegetables and other food shopping

Larkhall Farm Shop (01225 319968) on St. Saviours Road, Larkhall, Bath BA1 6SD for fruit and vegetables (also offer veg boxes) 

Newton Farm Shop (01225 873707) at Newton Farm, Newton St Loe, Bath BA2 9BT for fruit, vegetables, butchers, other food shopping and café

Find a Greengrocer

⌂ Eades of Bath (01225 317319), greengrocers at 18 Crescent Lane, Bath BA1 2PX

⌂ Super Stokes (01225 374092), greengrocers at 38 Moorland Road, Bath BA2 3PN

⌂ Bath Bus Station Fruiterer, greengrocers stall at Kingsmead Square, Bath BA1 2AE 

⌂ Jimmy Deane’s Fruit, Veg & Salad, greengrocers stall at New Orchard Street, Southgate Shopping Centre, Bath

Use a Refill Shop for Dry Foods, Cleaning Materials and More

New Leaf (01225 425301) at 29 Shaftesbury Rd, Oldfield Park, Bath BA2 3LJ offering dry foods and cleaning/care products (including Ecover and Faith in Nature)

Scoop Wholefoods (01225 465068) at Unit 3, The Grain Store, Bath BA2 3GS offering dry foods, cleaning/care products and local produce (including kombucha on tap)

Harvest (01225 465519) at 37 Walcot Street, Bath BA15BN offering dry foods, cleaning/care brands (including Miniml and Faith in Nature) and local produce

Refillable Shop (01225 444577) at 2-3 Cleveland Place East, London Road, Bath BA1 5DJ offering dry foods, cleaning/care brands (including Bio D, Ecover and Eco Leaf) and local produce

◊ Use the Refill app to find local refill shops and more; also find places where you can refill your water bottle, public drinking water fountains and where to get hot drinks with a re-usable cup, or food using your own containers

Eat Out Vegan (and Vegetarian)

○ Search Happy Cow to find vegan restaurants near you (Happy Cow app is also available)

Cascara – 100% vegan café at 3 Upper Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1RG (01225 542636)

The Green Rocket – 100% plant-based restaurant at 1 Pierrepoint Street, Bath BA1 1LB (01225 420084)

OAK restaurant and grocer – mostly vegan with a few vegetarian dishes at 2 North Parade Passage, Bath BA1 1NX (01225 446059)

Indian Temptation - vegan and vegetarian restaurant at 9-10 High Street, Bath BA1 5AQ (01225 464631)

Chai Walla - takeaway Indian street food (vegan and vegetarian) at 42 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2AN (07926 041588)

Rooted Café offering vegetarian and vegan dishes at 20 Newbridge Road, Bath BA1 3JX (01225 425161)

⌂ And a little outside Bath, the Harp and Crown – vegan pub at Velley Hill, Gastard, Corsham SN13 9PU (01249 591838)

Restaurants/eateries with great vegan options for the plant/omnivore meal out:

La Terra - Italian restaurant with full separate vegan menu alongside their standard menu at 2 John Street, Bath, BA1 2JL (01225 482070)

◊  Heavenly Desserts - luxury dessert restaurant with full separate vegan menu alongside their standard menu at 7 - 9 Lower Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1QR (020 4531 2483). In Bath and many other locations across England, Scotland and Wales.

Avoid Food Waste

○ Tips on avoiding food waste from Love Food Hate Waste

◊ Use the app Too Good To Go to buy food (at reduced prices) from restaurants that would otherwise go to waste – a map enables you to search locally

◊ Use the app Olio to give away (or collect) food and household items for free with the purpose of avoiding waste – items are listed and shared with people in your local area

Learn More/Other

○ Tips on being a regenerative consumer from Regenerative Food & Farming

○ Cooking with seasonal food with recipes from Riverford

○ Work out your diet’s carbon footprint with the climate change food calculator from the BBC

○ Be informed about how much water it takes to make different food products from Water Footprint Network

◊ Get involved with FareShare the charity fighting hunger and tackling food waste

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