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Helpful links to support the Eco Together programme.


○ = nationally (UK) relevant resource or information

= national resource with representation locally, or search feature providing local information

⌂ = local resource for Bath

How Energy Efficient Is Your Home?

○ Find an energy certificate for your property from the UK government

○ Enter your property details and get bespoke advice on reducing your household’s energy use from the UK government

Advice and Support for Energy-Saving Home Improvements

⌂ For financial support through grants or loans see information collated by BANES Council

◊ Enter your postcode to find relevant local grants from Simple Energy Advice  

○ Get advice from Make My House Green to find out what green solutions will work in your home

Solar Panels

⌂ Bulk buy solar panel scheme for the Widcombe/Bath area – see the IDDEA scheme (video and email contact) to engage

◊ Solar panel bulk buy discount schemes from Solar Together – check by region (no schemes running for BANES - last checked 22 Feb 2023) 

○ “Solar Panels – are they worth it?” - advice from Money Saving Expert

Tips on Energy and Water Consumption

⌂ Tips on saving water from Wessex Water

○ Tips on saving water from Water’s Worth Saving

○ Tips on saving energy from the Energy Saving Trust (referred to in Eco Together’s info booklet p17) 

○ Check out how much energy your different appliances use on this list from National Energy Action (referred to in Eco Together’s info booklet p17)

○ Find the best time to use your oven when renewable energy generation is high from the Baking Forecast

Learn More

⌂ Sustainable energy information for households from Bath & West Community Energy

⌂ Local guide to low carbon living in older homes from the Bath Preservation Trust

○ News, opinion and resources from the Centre for Sustainable Energy

○ Use this affordable energy calculator, by Greenpeace, to work out how much money you could save on energy if the government invested in insulation and heat pumps, then elect to write to your MP asking for change (if you like)

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