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Helpful links to support the Eco Together programme.


○ = nationally (UK) relevant resource or information

= national (UK) resource with representation locally, or search feature providing local information

⌂ = local resource for Bath

Share-Lend-Borrow-Swap-Repair and Second Hand

Books Plus

⌂ Find information about library services in the BANES area and register online for access to books, DVDs and emagazines

⌂ Local libraries include the central Bath library and community libraries in Larkhall, Weston, Oldfield Park, Southside and Combe Hay 

⌂ Buy (or donate) second hand books at the Oxfam Book Shop at Lower Borough Walls or Julian House Shop at Walcot Street (a second hand charity shop with a large book section), or buy (or sell) second hand books at the second hand book stall in the Guildhall market

○ List and swap books across the UK using accumulated swapping credits with Book Swap


⌂ Borrow items for a small fee (such as DIY and gardening tools, camping & kitchen equipment, party items and much more), and have your own items repaired at Share & Repair at 3 York Buildings, George Street, Bath BA1 2EB

⌂ For those registered with the Time Bank project in Twerton, items (such as household, gardening and camping equipment) can be borrowed for free from the Borrow It library


⌂ For children under 5 years old try the Bath Toy Library

○ Use a toy swap subscription with Whirli, where you can keep toys as long as you like, or with Toy Box Club, where toys are swapped monthly or use their holiday box option


⌂ For large items of furniture look at the Dorothy House second hand furniture shop on London Road, they deliver for a reasonable fee and will collect items for sale from you; find the location of your closest shop selling furniture, clothes, books and household items 

◊ Donate unwanted furniture, homeware and electrical items to British Heart Foundation by booking a free collection, and use the search function to find your local BHF shop and donation points for all items above plus clothes and books

Second Hand Platforms

◊ Give or receive second hand items for free in your local area through Freegle or Freecycle – both groups aim to divert items from landfill

◊ There are many other online platforms for selling, or giving/receiving second hand items locally, such as Gumtree and community/membership groups such as Nextdoor and Facebook

○ Buy or sell second hand clothes yourself on Vinted or Depop, let Thrift+ do it for you and make a donation to your selected charity from the sale of your item, or reTHREAD can sell items for you on eBay. Or let bkinda select a surprise second hand outfit for you. Or why not try swapping clothes instead with Nuw or Dopplle.

○ Buy or sell second hand mid-century and retro furniture through Vinterior

Dealing with Waste Responsibly to Maximise Recycling

⌂ Be familiar with instructions to avoid contaminating your kerb side recycling from BANES Council (click on each item to see details) and look up items A to Z to know what you can recycle through BANES Council, either kerbside or at the recycling centres

⌂ If you cannot donate elsewhere, or sell, then large waste items can be collected by BANES Council for a fee

◊ Share Waste is a website and app that connects people wishing to recycle food scraps and other organic matter with neighbours who are composting, worm-farming or keeping farm animals.

◊ Soft/flexible plastics are not collected kerbside but several national retail companies have drop off recycling points in store for these items including plastic bags, crisp packets, food pouches, salad bags, cake and biscuit wrappers, bread bags, plastic film lids, plastic wraps from multibuys and sweets wrappers. Check the websites/stores for details and to avoid contamination. In Bath ⌂ you can go to Sainsburys (Green Park and Odd Down), Morrisons (London Road), Co-op (Wellsway, Larkhall, Odd Down and South Down) and Marks & Spencer who also collect clothing multipack bags including the inbuilt hangers.

◊ For hard to recycle items such as dental products, contact lens packaging, foil balloons and razors, plus brand specific recycling programmes, check Terracycle for locations of free drop-off boxes, persuade your employer to set up their own paid recycling scheme at work with their Zero Waste Box or do it yourself with friends and neighbours using Terracycle's Zero Waste Bags.

◊ Drop off empty medicine blister packs in the dedicated collection boxes in Superdrug (⌂ Westgate Street and Southgate Street, Bath)

◊ For hard to recycle beauty, healthcare and wellness products (e.g. mascara, lipsticks, make up palettes, toothpaste tubes) take back any items sold in Boots to their recycling boxes in larger stores (⌂ Newark Street/Southgate Centre in Bath)

◊ Clean, dry clothes in good condition (including underwear and socks) are accepted at BANES Council recycling centres. Some charity shops will accept poor quality or damaged clothes as “rags” (yes, this also includes old pants and socks) but contact them first to check and bag them up separately. Any condition bras can be recycled at the national programme at Marks & Spencer (⌂ Stall Street, Bath) and Bravissimo (⌂ Milsom Street, Bath) who also take swimwear.

○ Unusable bed mattresses, divans and bedframes can be collected and recycled by The Mattress Recycling People

○ Home textiles (e.g. bed linen) and clothes (even if damaged) along with selected kitchen/dining items, bulky furniture and electricals are rehomed, reused and recycled by Dunelm.

○ Not sure what to do with electricals - find out all the answers from Recycle Your Electricals. Enter your postcode and type in your item to find out where you can recycle. 

○ Let registered waste collectors compete for the job of taking away your waste at Love Junk (use the app), where re-usable items may also be collected for free 

Ethical Consumption

○ Find out why and how you should be an ethical consumer and search for the ethical ratings of more than 40,000 brands and products

○ Use Good Find, a buying guide, to identify “ethical alternatives to everything”

○ Check out the ethical rating of clothing brands using criteria for planet, people and animals with Good on you

○ Know the top sustainability certifications for UK businesses as identified by Greener Matters

○ Find a certified B-Corporation (UK)


○ Tips on how to have less stuff from Psyche

○ Find out more about zero waste by watching this video from Bea Johnson

○ Calculate your fashion footprint with Thred Up

○ Follow these tips  from Greenpeace to shift to a more ethical and sustainable wardrobe

○ Find out all you need to know about using menstrual products environmentally from the detailed Environmenstrual Resources Hub by the Women’s Environmental Network

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