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Bring together a group of neighbours, friends or colleagues to run the 5 sessions

Millions of people are responding to the environmental crisis but one thing is certain - we need more!

First Hosts make Eco Together happen, involving more of the 75% of people who are worried about the climate but who may otherwise not be involved in organised eco-activity. 


What do First Hosts do? It's simple! Find 5-10 people to join your group, register with Eco Together, run the first session then complete a feedback form at the end. We have an informal network of First Hosts to support each other and strengthen the environmental voice in your area, sharing local issues that might not otherwise reach people. Watch the first host orientation video here. 

Who can be a First Host? Anyone! First Hosts don't need any particular skills or knowledge, or even to be particularly "eco".  The First Host role is designed to be time efficient to run alongside your other commitments. 

Is there support?   Yes! Our volunteer team is happy to help however we can, contact us using the details below. 

Who can be in your group? Anyone, for example: 

Neighbours: Eco Together is a great way to get to know your neighbours, tackling social isolation and strengthening  local support networks. Simply put  flyers through letterboxes or promote through local social media. The First Host Notes below provides template promotional materials and guidance and you can also download an editable flyer or presentation to use in your area.

Friends, colleagues or anyone else: Eco Together is enjoyable and meaningful way to spend time with people you already know. Organisations who have a climate commitment can also run it with their members or staff - it is a great way to strengthen existing groups. 

Group members and First Hosts are encouraged to participate twice - once with neighbours and once with friends. This creates neighbourhood-based groups across a large geographic area, expanding environmental action into new communities and getting different people involved.

You can download a useful guide here, the First Host Notes 

Download an editable poster/ letterbox flyer for your group

Download the slides for the Eco Together info session (feel free to use them!)

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